Scroll View Layouts With Interface Builder

Laying out a scroll view is a confusing task. I found it easier when, in iOS 11, Apple introduced frame and content layout guides. Too bad they neglected to add them to Interface Builder. That changed in Xcode 11. Here’s a quick guide on how to use them.

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Editing A Swift Package

When I want to make changes to a Swift package, I find it useful to do it in the context of a project that depends on that package. Unfortunately, you can’t directly edit a Swift package you add as a dependency to an Xcode project. It’s read-only and managed by Xcode. What you can do is add a local copy of the package that overrides the package dependency.

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Creating Swift Packages in Xcode

Xcode 11 adds support for the Swift Package Manager. Here’s my quick guide to creating Swift packages with Xcode 11.

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Xcode Source Control Accounts

Xcode has supported adding your GitHub account since Xcode 9 and Bitbucket accounts since Xcode 10. I prefer to use a separate Git client, but the support for Swift packages in Xcode 11 made me want to try the integration again. I had no problem adding a GitHub account, but Bitbucket was more of a struggle. Here’s what worked for me.

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Better Storyboards with Xcode 11

With all of the excitement around SwiftUI, it’s easy to miss a couple of improvements to storyboards introduced with Xcode 11 and iOS 13. As far as I can tell, Apple did not mention segue actions or custom initializers during WWDC. You need to read the Xcode and iOS 13 release notes for the details.

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