Creating Strings From Raw Text In Swift 5

Creating Swift strings from raw text can often be a pain. Properly escaping any quotes or backslash characters in the raw text is an exercise in frustration. Swift 5, shipping with Xcode 10.2, introduces a new syntax to make it easier to work with raw text.

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Character Properties in Swift 5

The release of Swift 5 is coming with Xcode 10.2 and brings some updates to the String API in the standard library. Here’s a look at the new character properties that allow you to test for a number of useful Unicode properties.

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Faster App Setup For Unit Tests

When Xcode runs your unit tests, it uses the App as a host for the tests. The tests only run after the App has finished launching. Loading core data, networking or other setup work you do from the App delegate slows down your unit tests. Here’s a quick tip to create a custom scheme to avoid unnecessary work when unit testing.

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Refactoring With Protocols

The classic text on refactoring by Martin Fowler just got updated to a 2nd edition. How relevant is it to iOS developers? The book uses Javascript for the code examples but the techniques are language independent so don’t let that put you off. What Swift developers might miss is the use of protocols.

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UI Testing Quick Guide

Have you tried to use Xcode to write UI tests or automate your screenshots with fastlane? The documentation for iOS UI Testing leaves much room for improvement. The class documentation doesn’t help unless you already know what to do. Here’s my reference guide to get you started:

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