Better Storyboards with Xcode 11

With all of the excitement around SwiftUI, it’s easy to miss a couple of improvements to storyboards introduced with Xcode 11 and iOS 13. As far as I can tell, Apple did not mention segue actions or custom initializers during WWDC. You need to read the Xcode and iOS 13 release notes for the details.

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Predicting Size Classes in iOS 13

If you rely on size changes to build adaptive layouts, you should review your code for iOS 13. UIKit now predicts the initial traits for a view so you cannot assume traitCollectionDidChange will be called when a view is first added to the view hierarchy.

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WWDC 2019 Viewing Guide

Wow that was an interesting WWDC! After a “quiet” year in 2018, Apple has unleashed some dramatic changes in 2019. Here’s my viewing guide for the sessions I found most interesting this year.

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Exploring the Swift standard library source code

Have you found yourself stuck trying to make sense of a framework or library and wished you could see the source code? Apple does not share the source for UIKit but if the method you are struggling to understand is part of the Swift standard library you are in luck.

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Empty Strings in Swift

How do you tell if a string is empty in Swift? That depends on what you mean by “empty”. You might mean a string with zero length, or maybe also an optional string that is nil. What about a “blank” string that only contains whitespace. Let’s see how to test for each of those conditions with Swift.

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