Using A Custom Font With Dynamic Type

Using a custom font with dynamic type has always been possible but it took some effort to get it to scale for each text style as the user changed the dynamic type size. Apple introduced a new font metrics class in iOS 11 that makes it much less painful.

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Avoiding Conflicts with System Gestures at Screen Edges

If you rely on hiding the status bar to avoid conflicting with system gestures at the screen edges you will need to make some changes when updating for iOS 11. Apple no longer assumes your app wants to override system gestures at the edges when you hide the status bar. Instead you need to tell the system directly which edges you want first shot at handling gestures for.

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Reminder About Let Initialization

Some Swift language features take a while to sink in and become natural. One such feature that I need to remind myself about is that you do not need to set the value of a let constant at the point you declare it in a function as long as you do it before first use.

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Changing Root View Layout Margins

When Apple introduced layout margins in iOS 8 they made the decision to have the system manage the margins of a view controller’s root view. This allowed them to vary the left/right margins depending on the size class (16 points for compact width and 20 points for regular). The downside was that you could not alter these margins. That changed in iOS 11.

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Stack View Custom Spacing

When Apple introduced stack views in iOS 9 they made it much easier to use Auto Layout by reducing the number of constraints you needed to create yourself for many common layouts. One edge case that was not well covered was the need for custom spacing between views. You could do it by nesting stack views but that always seemed an unnecessary complication. In iOS 11 you can create stack views with custom spacing between views.

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