Empty Strings in Swift

How do you tell if a string is empty in Swift? That depends on what you mean by “empty”. You might mean a string with zero length, or maybe also an optional string that is nil. What about a “blank” string that only contains whitespace. Let’s see how to test for each of those conditions with Swift.

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Comparing Version Strings

How do you compare two version strings in Swift? For example, how can I check if version “2.2.5” is higher than “2.0.3” or that a version is at least “1.8.5”? As long as your version strings follow a consistent format it turns out to be not too hard.

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Using The Responder Chain

The delegate pattern is often used by a child view controller to communicate with its parent view controller, but it’s not the only way. A lesser used, but occasionally useful, alternate approach is the responder chain.

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Swift 5 Frozen enums

Are you upgrading an Xcode project to Swift 5? It’s a mostly pain-free experience, but you might hit a warning about switching on enums with additional unknown values.

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State Restoration With Swift Structs

How do you implement state preservation and restoration when your view controller model is a Swift struct that does not support NSCoding? My notes on how to wrap the struct in a dictionary with some help from Sourcery.

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