Table View Separator Inset

The table view separator is that thin line drawn by default between table view cells. You control how far it extends to the leading and trailing edges with the seperatorInset property. Since iOS 7 this has been an inset based on the table cell margins. In iOS 11 Apple changed that to inset from the cell edges by default. That makes it easier to extend to the full table width but if you have been using an inset you may want to check how it now looks on iOS 11.

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URLSession Waiting For Connectivity

If you use URLSession to start a task with iOS 10 and the network is not available the connection fails at once with an error. There was a small change in iOS 11 that means you can now tell your URLSession to wait until network connectivity is available before trying the connection.

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Swift Codable With Custom Dates

How do you decode a JSON feed that has several custom date formats? If you are lucky using a dateDecodingStrategy might be enough. Unfortunately it has limited support for the .iso8601 format and you can only set one strategy at a time so it does not help when you have two or more different date formats.

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Swift 4 Access Levels

You may not have noticed but there was a small but important change to the private access level in Swift 4. After a quick recap of the five levels I cover what has changed in Swift 4, what do you need to know when migrating from Swift 3 and what is the point of fileprivate now?

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@objc Warnings Upgrading To Swift 4

Open a Swift 3 project in Xcode 9 and it will warn you that you can upgrade to Swift 4. If you accept the invite you end up with another warning that Swift 4 mode deprecates the Swift 3 @objc inference rules. What is this scary sounding warning and how do you make it go away?

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