Connecting Xcode To A Running Process

Did you know you can connect the Xcode debugger to a running process? You can also have Xcode wait for a process to launch before connecting. This helps when debugging issues when your App is launched in response to an external event such as a notification. We can also use it to peek at some of the built-in Apps in the simulator.

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Making Space For Dynamic Type

I am a big fan of dynamic type. It makes me happy when I use an App that supports my preferred text size. The problem is that supporting dynamic type is extra work. In this post, I look at the Apple Settings screen for Larger Accessibility Sizes as a case study in how to adapt an interface to make space for dynamic type.

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Xcode 10 Library Tips

Have you been wondering what happened to the media library since you migrated to Xcode 10? Is the object browser annoying you by disappearing every time you use it? Here are some quick Xcode 10 library tips to restore your calm.

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Supporting iPhone XS Max and XR

New iPhones are coming and bringing new device sizes. The good news, if you have been following Apple’s advice, is that you should not have much to do this year. Here is a recap of what you need to know to update your Apps for the new devices.

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Adding Padding To A Stack View

How do you add padding internal to a stack view? How about when the stack view has readable content and you want to limit the line length? You can do it in Interface Builder or in code but both have oddities. Stack view readable content guides certainly don’t work the way I would expect or hope.

(Also read to the end for a special announcement…)

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