Hiding the Safe Area Layout Guide

Interface Builder has many ways to create a constraint, but getting it to do what you want requires some technique. For example, have you ever wanted to pin a view to the edges of the root view instead of the safe area? It’s not obvious how to do that as Interface Builder assumes you want to use the safe area.

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Self Sizing Table View Cells In Interface Builder

Self-sizing table view cells have been around a long time but are still a regular source of confusion. Interface Builder added to the confusion by not automatically sizing the cells in the canvas. That’s finally fixed in Xcode 11!

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Xcode 11 Git Stashing

I’ve never been a big user of the version control integration with Xcode. I like being able to see and compare changes in the editor but I prefer the command-line or an external Git client for branch and repository management.

There is a new feature in Xcode 11 that I have found myself using. Here’s a quick look at how stashing works and a bonus tip!

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Xcode 11 environmental overrides

Have you used the accessibility inspector to change the dynamic type size of your running app? Did you know you can do that directly from the debugger with Xcode 11? Even better, it allows you to override the interface style to quickly switch between light and dark modes.

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Coercion of implicitly unwrappable value

If you’ve been migrating code to Xcode 11 you might have seen a compiler warning about coercion of implicitly unwrappable values. It didn’t make much sense to me until I hit a practical example.

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