Handling System Alerts In UI Tests

The Xcode UI testing framework has been with us since Xcode 7, but I still find it a struggle to use. Apple has the usual API documentation but practical examples are hard to find so I often stumble around when using it on a real project.

Here are my notes on dealing with one common roadblock - the system interrupting to ask for permission for something.

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Xcode 10 Random And Parallel Tests

Xcode 10 introduces three new options for running your tests. These allow you to randomize the execution order, speed up the tests by running them in parallel on multiple simulators and finally to control if Xcode automatically adds new tests to a scheme.

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Upside Down and Rotating iPhones

Have you wondered why your App doesn’t rotate to upside down on the iPhone but works fine on the iPad? How about preventing your App from rotating at all or restricting rotation for some view controllers but not all of them? Changing the orientations that your App supports is a complicated business. Here’s what you need to know. It’s a windy path to follow, but there’s a fun quote from Douglas Adams if you make it to the end…

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Supporting New iPad Pro Models

Apple announced two new iPad Pro models this week. It was not much of a surprise that they follow the iPhone X design. There’s no notch to worry about but there are rounded corners, and the home button is gone, replaced with Face ID and a bottom home screen indicator. There’s also a new Apple pencil gesture. Here’s a quick summary of what you need to know to support the new models.

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Variable Width Strings

Have you ever had the title text of your buttons and other controls truncated because they were too long to fit in the available space? This can be a problem on smaller devices and with localized text.

Wouldn’t it be useful if you could automatically change the text based on the available space? There’s a little-known feature of the localization system that does precisely that.

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