Xcode Keyboard Shortcuts

I have a hard time remembering Xcode keyboard shortcuts. Here’s my cheat sheet of the ones I find useful enough to learn.

This is not a comprehensive list of every Xcode shortcut. There’s a limit to how many I can remember. However, learning a few makes using Xcode less of a pain.

Last updated for Xcode 15: Apr 1, 2024

Show/hide Navigator (⌘0)

Navigator toolbar

Show/hide Navigator pane   ⌘0
Project                    ⌘1
Source Control             ⌘2
Bookmarks                  ⌘3
Find                       ⌘4
Issues                     ⌘5
Tests                      ⌘6
Debug                      ⌘7
Breakpoints                ⌘8
Reports                    ⌘9

Show/hide Inspector (⌥⌘0)

Inspector toolbar

Show/hide Inspector pane  ⌥⌘0
File                      ⌥⌘1
History                   ⌥⌘2
Help                      ⌥⌘3
Accessibility             ⌥⌘4
Attributes                ⌥⌘5

Jump Bar

Use the jump bar to navigate files in a project. Use the arrow keys to navigate the pop-up menus. Use the return key to jump to the selection. Start typing to filter any of the pop-up menus.

Jump bar

Related Items    ⌃1
Previous         ⌃2
Next             ⌃3
Top Level Items  ⌃4
Group Files      ⌃5
Document Items   ⌃6

Files & Navigation

New File         ⌘N     Reveal in Project Navigator  ⇧⌘J 
New Folder      ⌥⌘N     Jump to Definition           ⌃⌘J
Open File        ⌘O     Jump to Line                  ⌘L
Open Quickly    ⇧⌘O     Jump to Next Issue            ⌘'
Save             ⌘S     Developer Documentation      ⇧⌘0
Save All        ⌥⌘S     Devices and Simulators       ⇧⌘2
                        Apple HIG                    ⇧⌘H


Show Editor Only         ⌘⏎      Reindent             ⌃I
Show SwiftUI Canvas     ⌥⌘⏎      Shift Left           ⌘[
Show Assistant Editor  ⌃⌥⌘⏎      Shift Right          ⌘]
Resume SwiftUI Preview  ⌥⌘P      Comment selection    ⌘/
Show Code Actions       ⇧⌘A      Add documentation   ⌥⌘/
Edit All In Scope       ⌃⌘E
Fix All Issues         ⌃⌥⌘F

Build & Run

Build           ⌘B      Show Debug                   ⇧⌘Y
Run             ⌘R      Activate Breakpoints          ⌘Y
Test            ⌘U      Breakpoint at Current Line    ⌘\
Profile         ⌘I      Clear Console                 ⌘K
Stop            ⌘.
Clean          ⇧⌘K


Save Screen     ⌘S      Toggle Software Keyboard      ⌘K
Record Screen   ⌘R      Connect Keyboard             ⇧⌘K
Rotate Left     ⌘←      Increase Preferred Text Size ⌥⌘+
Rotate Right    ⌘→      Decrease Preferred Text Size ⌥⌘-
Home           ⇧⌘H
Physical Size   ⌘1
Point Accurate  ⌘2
Pixel Accurare  ⌘3
Fit Screen      ⌘4

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What’s Your Favourite?

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