I have worked in the software and I.T. services industry for more years than I care to remember. In my spare time I develop for iOS and Ruby on Rails on the Mac. I make no claim to be an expert in any of these things even when it might actually be the case. I am happy to share what I do know and also what I don’t know in the hope of learning something myself in the process.

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Comments are enabled and hosted on Disqus. I appreciate constructive feedback, corrections and suggestions. I will remove comments that I consider to be off-topic, spam or otherwise unhelpful. If you want to contact me directly, I do not promise to respond, but you can send email to keith (at) useyourloaf (dot) com.

If you are planning to email me with a general question or want help with your own project please first consider posting your question to StackOverflow. Try tagging your question with ios or iphone. The StackOverflow community is large and knowledgeable so your chances are good that somebody will know the answer and everybody benefits.

Code Examples

You can find all of the example code from this site in my CodeExamples GitHub repository. You are welcome to reuse any of the code that you find useful all I ask is that you include a statement mentioning Keith Harrison as the original author.

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The usual disclaimers apply. All views expressed on this blog are of course my own. You are welcome to reuse any code fragments posted on this site for personal or commercial projects. If you are brave enough to reuse something you do so entirely at your own risk. Please do not just repost or republish the entire contents or substantial parts of a post without first seeking permission. Otherwise you are free to share and enjoy.