Learn Modern Autolayout For iOS

“iOS Developers Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Auto Layout…”

Many just love-to-hate it

See how many of these you recognize…

Randomly adding and removing constraints to get the layout you want
Changing content hugging and compression priorities but not sure why?
Conflicting constraints and a wall of debug text dumped to the console?
Got a layout working on the iPhone but it looks terrible on the iPad and breaks on that tiny iPhone SE screen
You want to add dynamic type for your users but there's no way that super-gigantic text size is going to fit

Add a constraint – Change a priority – See what happens…

You can try to work logically. But… Honestly adding constraints still feels like guesswork. Where do you start? When is it done?

Auto Layout is just too magical for your liking

Want to Auto Layout like a pro?. Build flexible layouts that work everywhere? But feel like… you’re going in circles.

Learn to ❤️ Auto Layout

What if you knew how to approach a layout with confidence. You knew which constraints to add. When to squeeze a view and when to stretch it. You Know When You’re Done.

You’re cool with storyboards and relaxed about building layouts in code.

Let’s also make your layout adapt to dynamic type, different devices and screen sizes.

It’s true that learning Auto Layout can make your head spin. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Modern Auto Layout

Let me teach you modern Auto Layout…

The Key Principles You Need To Know

We start with topics often ignored. Learn how the view layout system works. The key principles that turn Auto Layout into something predictable you can understand.

Learn what constraints you need to fully size and position a view. How to create them. Where to add them. How many you need.

Create Constraints The Easy Way

Auto Layout has changed a lot. Learn Modern Auto Layout with layout anchors and guides, stack views, safe areas and size classes. Flexible layouts. Less work. Less boilerplate.

(No you don’t need to learn the Visual Format Language)

Take Your Pick - Code Or Interface Builder

Learn to create layouts in Interface Builder and programmatically. Use what works for you but know how to switch when you have to.

Learn By Doing

Practise makes perfect. Sharpen your Auto Layout skills with challenges that get you solving common layouts. Hints And Tips when you need them. Compare with my solution when your done.

Your Users Will Thank-You

Go the extra mile. Support dynamic type. Use layout variations, scrolling and self-sizing table view cells. Create layouts that work from the smallest iPhone to the largest iPad.

Coming Soon…

Get to grips with Modern Auto Layout and keep your designer, your users (and you) happy. Buy my book and start creating layouts you’ll be proud of today.

What’s In The Book?

Here’s what you’ll learn from the book:

Layout Before Auto Layout

Getting Started With Auto Layout

Using Interface Builder

Creating Constraints In Code

Safe Areas And Layout Margins

Layout Priorities And Content Size

Stack Views

Understanding The Layout Engine

Debugging When It Goes Wrong

Scroll Views And Auto Layout

Dynamic Type

Working With Table Views

Adapting For Size

Sample Code And Challenges To Test Your Knowledge

Bonus Material