Detecting low power mode

I read a story this week about the Uber App knowing when your phone is in power saving mode. Uber found people more likely to pay higher rates when their phone is about to die. The company claims they do not use the data to set prices but it got me wondering how can you detect low power mode with iOS?

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New Swift, Core Data and Cocoa Books

There have been so many good iOS and Cocoa books published over the last year that I thought it was long overdue that I updated by bookshelf with some new recommendations. Here are six books I bought in the last year covering Swift, Core Data and even one for OS X that may interest you.

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Swift Guide to Map Filter Reduce

Using map, filter or reduce to operate on Swift collection types such as Array or Dictionary is something that can take getting used to. Unless you have experience with functional languages your instinct may be to reach for the more familiar for-in loop. With that in mind here is my guide to using map, filter, reduce (and flatMap).

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Readable Width of Table View Cells

Do you want the layout of your table view cells to follow the readable content width? If you were unlucky you may have even noticed the layout of your table view cells changing from iOS 8 to iOS 9. The extra wide margins are most noticeable on larger iPad screens.

Apple added readable content guides in iOS 9. In this post I look at how you configure your table view cells to use or avoid the extra wide margins they can cause.

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Static Tables and Dynamic Type

Apple introduced static table views in Interface Builder way back in iOS 5 and dynamic type in iOS 7. Unfortunately either through design or bugs the two features do not play well together in iOS 9 (or iOS 8). This post covers how to get dynamic type to work with static table views.

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