WWDC 2016 Viewing Guide

With the dust still settling from WWDC 2016 here is my guide to the must watch sessions for iOS covering what is new in App Frameworks, Swift, Xcode 8, Adaptability and Design, System Frameworks, Security and Networking and Media. There is a lot to learn and I did not even include watchOS or tvOS.

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Using Objective-C Lightweight Generics

I wrote about using nullable to annotate your Objective-C code some time ago. It is some extra work and not pretty but has some advantages if you want to use Objective-C code from Swift. The nullable hints give you a safer Swift interface that does not assume everything to be an ugly and potentially unsafe implicitly unwrapped optional.

What I did not mention is an extra step you can take to improve the Swift interface that also has benefits for the Objective-C code. This post summarises what you need to know about Objective-C Lightweight Generics.

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Unregistering NSNotificationCenter Observers in iOS 9

A reminder of something that Apple sneaked into the Foundation Release Notes for iOS 9 and OS X 10.11. It is no longer necessary for an NSNotificationCenter observer to un-register itself when being deallocated. There are some caveats if you need to support iOS 8 or use block based observers. I forgot this while writing last weeks post on detecting low power mode so here to jog my memory are the details along with a bonus tip.

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Detecting low power mode

I read a story this week about the Uber App knowing when your phone is in power saving mode. Uber found people more likely to pay higher rates when their phone is about to die. The company claims they do not use the data to set prices but it got me wondering how can you detect low power mode with iOS?

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New Swift, Core Data and Cocoa Books

There have been so many good iOS and Cocoa books published over the last year that I thought it was long overdue that I updated by bookshelf with some new recommendations. Here are six books I bought in the last year covering Swift, Core Data and even one for OS X that may interest you.

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