Xcode 10 Library Tips

Have you been wondering what happened to the media library since you migrated to Xcode 10? Is the object browser annoying you by disappearing every time you use it? Here are some quick Xcode 10 library tips to restore your calm.

Where’s My Library?

One obvious change in Xcode 10 is the new location for the library. In Xcode 9 the library was tucked down in the bottom of the inspectors. It had four tabs to switch between the file template, snippet, object, and media browsers:

Xcode 9 Library

In Xcode 10, the library has moved to a button up on the Xcode toolbar. It is “smarter” but, I think, less discoverable. Some quick tips to get you back up to speed with the new Xcode 10 library:

For some more Interface Builder tips see my earlier post:

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