Xcode 4 on the way

I guess there were not too many surprises in Steve Job’s keynote at WWDC yesterday. Most of the details about the new iPhone had already been leaked ahead of time. The details on the additions to what we can now refer to as iOS 4 were also covered some time ago (and remain under NDA). Some of the more interesting news for developers, such as the release of Safari 5, started to arrive once Steve had finished.

For me the most interesting piece of news that has leaked out of WWDC is the developer preview of Xcode 4. This is currently only available to WWDC attendees and it is not clear if it will be released with iOS 4 at the end of the month. This of course sucks for those developers who could not make it to WWDC.

Some of the initial reports mention that compile time is much improved thanks to the use of LLVM. Interface Builder is also now fully integrated rather than being a separate application. What is more interesting to me is that it looks like Xcode will finally support Git which is great since I not long ago abandoned subversion for Git.

This is all good news as Xcode is long overdue some love from Apple. The increasing competition from Android means that Apple needs to ensure the iOS platform remains attractive to developers. Improving Xcode is one small way of doing that so let’s hope it gets pushed out soon.