WWDC 2019 Viewing Guide

Wow that was an interesting WWDC! After a “quiet” year in 2018, Apple has unleashed some dramatic changes in 2019. Here’s my viewing guide for the sessions I found most interesting this year.

Where Do I Start?

Watch the Platforms State of the Union. After that, I recommend prioritising the sessions on updating for iOS 13.

There’s a huge amount of new stuff to learn this year and it can seem like you’re getting left behind. Don’t let it overwhelm you.

You don’t have to learn everything new today!

It’s exciting but you probably don’t need to ship an App written 100% with SwiftUI or convert your iPad App for the Mac on day one. It’s great to learn new things but you’ve got time. Don’t burn yourself out trying to keep up.

Updating For iOS 13

What do you need to know to update your App for iOS 13? These sessions tell you where you need to spend your time over the summer:

For more details on multiple window support see these three sessions:


The biggest change since Apple introduced Swift? It requires iOS 13 so adoption will take a while but the future is SwiftUI. The SwiftUI sessions together with the two framework sessions on Combine are essential watching:


Almost lost in the excitement we also got the much anticipated Catalyst (formerly known as Marzipan). A framework for bringing your iPad Apps to the Mac:

Essential Framework Sessions

Lots of exciting improvements across the application and system frameworks. This first set of sessions is essential viewing:

The Combine framework is part of Foundation but you’ll want to understand it when working with SwiftUI:


I didn’t expect much Swift news at WWDC but Apple sneaked in Swift 5.1 and Xcode support for Swift packages and binary frameworks!

Developer Tools

Xcode 11 looks like another solid release:

Core Data

Some solid improvements to Core Data this year including the latest try at a sync solution:

Other Framework Sessions To Explore

A mixed bag of other framework sessions I found interesting:


App Store and Distribution


Machine Learning and Augmented Reality

There are a lot of deep dive sessions but these gave me a good overview of what’s new in CoreML 3, ARKit 3 and the new RealityKit:

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