WWDC 2017 Viewing Guide

Another year, another WWDC and yet more session videos to catch up on. Here is my guide to the sessions I found most interesting this year.

Machine Learning, Drag and Drop and Xcode 9

The platform state of the union is always a good place to start:

Don’t Overlook These

A couple of personal favourites that you might overlook but that are well worth your time:

App Frameworks

Lots of good sessions here. I have not even included watchOS, tvOS or macOS sessions. Here are my highlights:

Drag and Drop

The big UIKit enhancement this year is support for drag and drop both within and between apps.

The following sessions dig deeper when you have time:

Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) and Augmented Reality (AR)

The other big theme this year is the push by Apple to make it easy for us to use NLP, ML and AR in our apps. Apple also highlights the privacy, speed and low latency benefits from being able to do this on device without the need for cloud based services.


With the Swift evolution process happening in the open we don’t need to wait for WWDC to find out what is new in Swift 4. Still good to get a recap:

Development Tools

Xcode 9 is looking like a great update with refactoring support for Swift getting the biggest cheer.

Design and Accessibility

Great to see Apple continue to improve and put emphasis on the need to design and make apps for everybody.

Security and Networking

App Store

If you use In App Purchase pay attention to the changes coming to the App Store. I would recommend the following two sessions:


Highlights are MusicKit to get access to the Apple Music API and changes to the Photos API. The image picker is moved out of process so the user can select an image without the app having to ask for permission.

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