WWDC 2016 Viewing Guide

With the dust still settling from WWDC 2016 here is my guide to the must watch sessions for iOS covering what is new in App Frameworks, Swift, Xcode 8, Adaptability and Design, System Frameworks, Security and Networking and Media. There is a lot to learn and I did not even include watchOS or tvOS.

State of the Union

  • Platform State of the Union If you did not watch it yet start with the platform state of the union for an overview of the changes across iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS.

App Frameworks


A lot has happened with Swift in the last year. What is interesting is that given the open source nature of the language we knew most of the news with Swift 3 and the great API renaming before WWDC. Now we can listen as Apple engineers including Chris Lattner explain it all:

If you are familiar with Swift you can skip this one but if you want a good Swift tutorial video start here:

Developer Tools

Another WWDC means another version of Xcode. The sessions covering what is new in Xcode 8:

Some extra sessions if you have time:

This last one is for those looking for an introductory video tutorial on Xcode:

Adaptability and Design

These sessions are easy to overlook in the search for new API’s but I think they are some of the most interesting. The highlights:

To go further but with some duplication with earlier sessions:

Also don’t miss the updated iOS Human Interface Guidelines

System Frameworks

Security and Networking


I am most interested in experimenting with the new speech recognition API but there are also changes to the photo and audio frameworks:

That is a lot of work!

Watching WWDC Videos takes a lot of time even if you run them at 2x! I hope this has given you some pointers on where to start based on your own interests and needs. Stay subscribed as I dig deeper into iOS 10 in the coming weeks and months.