Stanford iOS App Development course

I have never really mentioned the Stanford University iOS programming course on this blog which for sure is a mistake as it is an excellent resource for anybody coming new to iOS. The course is run several times a year which is great if you are a Stanford student. Luckily for the rest of us they also record one of the courses each year and post it for free on iTunes U.

The current version was posted back in January and is a recording of the course given in the fall of 2010. This means that it is based on Xcode 3 which might be a little confusing for somebody trying to follow along with Xcode 4. Having said that the content is very good and I recommend it to anybody who is getting started.

Even if you are an experienced iOS developer it is still worth checking out the recordings as they hold a number of additional sessions with external speakers which are always interesting. This time around they have a session with one of the founders of Flipboard discussing some of the design decisions they made which is worth watching. Looking at the app now it seems they backtracked on some of the more extreme decisions (like not having a refresh button).There is also a session on the use of core data by the LinkedIn app and some sessions from venture capitalists.

Anyway if you have never taken a look at iTunes U give it a try.