Programming Ruby The PickAxe Book

Programming Ruby book cover

I am guessing that anybody who has even a passing interest in Ruby or Ruby On Rails probably owns the original Programming Ruby book (otherwise known as the PickAxe book) from Pragmatic Programmers. So I was pleased to see today that they have a special offer on the latest edition of Programming Ruby 1.9.

I have the original Programming Ruby version which covered ruby 1.8 and along with The Ruby Way it pretty much covers all my Ruby reference needs. I have been meaning to buy the upgrade to the new edition for a while but I never got around to it. The book has just been updated to cover ruby 1.9.2 and to celebrate 10 years since publication of the original version Pragmatic are offering the book for just $10 in either eBook or dead tree versions.

I always go for the eBook versions from Pragmatic as they are formatted really well. I use the pdf version to read from the computer and the ePub version to read on the iPhone using Stanza. The book normally sells for $25 so getting it for $10 is a bargain especially if you do not own the original (Pragmatic offer an upgrade from the previous version for $12.50 so the saving is not as big as it first seems for me).

It does not say how long the offer will last so if you are interested I would suggesting getting it while you can…