Missing The Xcode Automatic Configuration Service

This is the time of year when my iOS development certificate expires and I struggle to remember how I renewed it last year. Actually I first have to remember that Xcode complaining that I do not have a valid signing identity is a clue that my certificate expires.

In the past this always meant some fun times with iOS developer portal regenerating the certificate and all the related profiles. This type of juggling was supposed to be a thing of the past when Xcode introduced automatic configuration. The idea being that Xcode would directly interface with the portal and do all the boring stuff for you.

Unfortunately when Apple recently took down the entire developer website in response to a security breach it also took the automated configuration service off-line. The majority of the site is now back up and we did finally get a developer system status page which shows us that Xcode Automatic Configuration is still not available (along with the Member Center, Program Enrollment and Renewals and Technical Support).

So in the meantime it is back to doing it the old school way and luckily my notes from way back in 2010 on requesting a new development certificate still seem to be pretty much valid.