Localizing iPhone App Icon is not supported

one additional comment I meant to add to the post yesterday about localising an iPhone application name was about the application icon. You might expect that you could localize the application icon by including the CFBundleIconFile or CFBundleIconFiles keys in the InfoPlist.strings file for each supported locale. Unfortunately it does work and as far as I know there is no way to actually make it work with iOS 4.2.

Until yesterday though I was never totally sure it was not possible. Then I spotted this thread in the Apple developer forums. There is a post by Bill Dudney, author of the excellent iPhone SDK Development book from Pragmatic Programmers and now an Apple employee. Bill confirms that localizing the application icon is not currently supported and suggests raising an enhancement request.

So in the meantime you may want to choose an application icon that will work for all regions and languages where you expect the app to be used…