iOS 4.2.5 and Xcode 4 Preview 6

iOS 4.2.5 Update on the Way?

One interesting side note from todays long expected Verizon iPhone announcement. It seems that the device is running iOS 4.2.5 which is a jump from the currently released version (iOS 4.2.1). If the past is any guide we might expect to see an updated iTunes and iOS GM seed a few weeks ahead of the February 10 release date.

Xcode 4 Developer Preview 6

For those not paying close attention to the iOS Dev Center a new Xcode 4 Developer Preview release was also posted yesterday. Go check out the release notes for further details (still subject to NDA). The increased pace of the updates is starting to give me hope that we might see Xcode 4 released for prime time in the near future. So if you have been holding off playing with Xcode 4 it might be time to start taking a look.