Flurry to release new SDK next week to comply with 3.3.9

Another update in the ongoing saga of the iPhone SDK developer agreement and specifically section 3.3.9 which restricts the sending of device data to third-parties. The latest news from analytics vendor Flurry is that they plan to release a new version of their SDK next week. The new version, which is needed in any case for compatibility with iOS 4.0, will also seek to comply with the restrictions from Apple.

I assume this means that they will modify their SDK so that it no longer reports details such as the device ID, model and OS version. What is still a little confusing is that it is unclear if they have got confirmation from Apple that the changes do indeed comply with the new terms and conditions. I suppose the lack of response from Apple is not a surprise following the comments from Steve Jobs at the D8 conference.

Either way with Apple now accepting submissions of applications built against the iOS 4.0 GM release Flurry needs to get a move on.