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I have posted the odd book review on this site but I have for some time been meaning to collect my book recommendations into a single page that I can more easily keep updated. Well today I finally got around to adding a resources page to the site and made an initial pass of my bookshelf to see what I could recommend.

My intention is to only recommend books that I have actually used or continue to use. A big problem with technical books is that they can very quickly become outdated. That is especially true right now with books on iOS development which is a topic undergoing almost continual change. As a result of this I actually have only one book covering Cocoa and iOS development currently on my recommended list. Something that I hope will change over the coming months.

One introductory book that is often recommended is “Programming in Objective-C” by Stephen G. Kochan. It has recently been updated to include Xcode 4 but it looks like it will be updated again before the end of the year to cover iOS 5 and Automated Reference Counting (ARC). The Big Nerd Ranch also have some interesting introductory titles including the recently released iOS Programming book and an upcoming Objective-C Programming book. If I find the time to check them out I will of course post my reviews here.

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