As one NDA departs another arrives

So just as the NDA for iPhone OS 3.2 expires Steve announces OS 4.0 and the whole cycle starts again. This iPhone development game is getting to be like a full time job ;-)

Based just on the announcements from Apple today the two most personally interesting announcements were the background services and the iAd service. The background services will not work on older 2nd generation devices which I suspect it as much due to a lack of memory as it is to CPU power.

The use of local notifications will allow a whole class of apps to dispense with a centralised server to do notifications (which could have some impact on third party services like Urban Airship). Would be nice to see Omnifocus use that to show me how many tasks I have due before I open the app.

I wonder to what extent the increased competition coming from Android is driving Apple to iterate more quickly and when we will see new iPhone devices announced?